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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

La Migra!

Hey y’all how was your Valentines and presidents day?

Out here they are just another day, ha ha you can’t really celebrate Valentines day as a missionary, and Presidents day just moved our p-day to Tuesday this week so not much change in our normal schedule.

Anyways here is a story for y’all. Since Donald Trump has taken office all of the Hispanics we talk to are a little afraid that they are going to be booted over back to their own countries, and that there is going to be a wall they can’t get over. They have told us that apparently there are some Hispanics that are now training to get fit enough to climb over a wall. I have been in a few brainstorming sessions about ways to get around the wall ie: tunnels, planes, and catapults. Ha ha its been pretty interesting. Everyone is also a little bit more afraid of us now. When they see us in our white shirts and ties walking down the street they think we are immigration. I was talking to some of the other elders on Sunday and they told me a story about how they were tracting down a street in Kenner and there was a party going on outside with a whole bunch of Hondurans, but when they started walking up the street and the people in the party saw them, they all ran into their houses. They didn't walk, they ran as fast as they could so they wouldn't be caught by La Migra. So tracting is going to be a little harder from now on.

Also this last week we got our investigator axel on date for baptism on the 11th of March, right after transfers. so I probably will not be seen his baptism but that is ok with me as long as he goes through with it. He is super solid though and has been reading the Book of Mormon since before we even started teaching him, thanks to some of his friends in our ward.

Love y’all

Monday, February 13, 2017

"No Need to Fear, We God's People" --Jules

Hey everyone, how are y’all doing?

Down here it is going pretty good. Have had some good success with finding new people this week and have 4 new investigators from this weeks tracting. It was a pretty good tracting week. But I don't have any crazy stories from that.

The crazy stories from this week is that Louisiana got hit by a couple tornadoes this last Tuesday. There was quite a bit of destruction in some parts but where I’m at was relatively untouched so that is a blessing. All I got to see was a whole bunch of storm clouds and lightning. There were no missionaries that were even close to the action, so hence the title of the email, spoken by one of the crazy people in my comps last area, when a tree near them got struck by lightning. "No need to fear, we god’s people." Apparently that guy is currently off the grid, speculations are that he is currently in the Grand Canyon either preaching about Jesus, the NSA, and/or Aliens.

This week we had some fun times with our most promising family. We were in teaching Axel's family this week, when his younger brother and his dad decided to sit in on the lesson. Usually when we show up they come down and talk to us for a little bit, but once a lesson starts they disappear up the stairs. This week they stayed and we had an awesome lesson about eternal families, and afterward the dad asked about church and when it was, so this next week he may come by.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Es casi el tiempo loco de Louisiana

Hola famila y amigos,

So almost to Mardi Gras season. The craziest time of the year there is here in Lousiana, and I’m in New Orleans-the capital of crazy Mardi Gras parties. We will see how the next couple weeks ("the weeks of sin" as the missionaries call them) are before Lent.

Everything out here is going awesome. This last week we had a lot of fun times in lessons. One of the things that I love the most about a mission is when we get to become friends to our investigators not just preachers. Because that is when they begin to listen to you just a little bit more because they know you are a real person not just a robot sent to teach them the Gospel. It’s fun to see people progressing, and we have one or two people that the next time we see them we will be trying to set a baptismal date, so that is exciting!

A crazy story from this week was just this last Saturday. Elder McCormies and I were walking up to a investigators house that lives in a weird apartment type set up, where there is a little courtyard right outside of his house, with other houses all around it. So we walk to the court yard and we see these two guys dressed completely in black with their hoods up messing around with two pit bulls. Now that might sound a little creepy and scary, and that's because it was. But the reaction that we both had was pretty great. We both pause for a split second, stare just long enough to have, "Oh shoot those are pit bulls,” go through our heads. Then just take a slow step back and keep walking like nothing happened. I bet if someone had watched us it would have looked pretty fantastic. Luckily the worst thing that happened was that one of the pit bulls stared at us, and then ran away.

Love y’all and hope you have a great week!