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Monday, April 16, 2018

J, A, Church, Baptist Parade

Hey everyone, 

This week was just an awesome week.  Even though a lot of our investigators couldn't meet with us, the ones we did meet with us were awesome!

So first of all, the most exciting news is that J got baptized yesterday! It finally happened! It was such a great time at the service for a few reasons: first of all I have never seen J smile so much! He is a pretty quiet, shy kid but during the baptism and right after he was smiling like none other, it was great! Secondly some of his extended family, who are less active, were able to come and witness it! It was awesome because the spirit was so strong and I’m confident the talks and testimonies that were shared will help J as he prepares to receive the priesthood and also help his family grow their faith.

The second awesome thing that happened this week is our lesson with A. Again he was attentive, asking questions, and taking notes. This man is awesome! We were going more in depth with the Plan of Salvation and he started to talk to us about his dad who was a pastor for many years. He told us about how his father influenced him and how excited he is that some of the things his father told him right before he died, were coming true through our teachings. The coolest example is the statement his father said to him in one of the last letters he sent. He said, "make sure to study the restoration of Christ's church." and then he referred to our first lesson when we talked about the restoration and how his knowledge of the gospel and Christ's plan for us had grown as he listened to the "restored gospel of Christ" we had been teaching him. I love teaching him and I always leave these lessons feeling happy and filled with the spirit. 

This week was great as well since we got the chance to have J, J, and T all at church  It's always great to have investigators at church.

Another super fun thing we had happen this week is that we were able to go on a prayer walk with some members of a Baptist church. Haha Elder Magee and I were on exchanges with the district leader down in New Iberia, and the first thing we did was go on that walk. Haha we were passing out pass-along cards, as well as flyers for that church’s activities. It was super funny because some of the people had megaphones and were shouting prayers to bless the city, and trying to bless the people to stay out of temptations way, and to get rid of the violence and drugs in the city. There was even a 1.5 year old girl who was the preachers granddaughter who was yelling Hallelujah from her stroller for a lot of the time, it was pretty adorable actually. 

So yea that is the week. I hope y’all have an awesome rest of the school year! 

At the Prayer Walk


Monday, April 2, 2018

J, Conference

Hey everyone, I hope all of y’all enjoyed conference!
It was pretty dang awesome! I love how we get to hear from our prophet and apostles every 6 months! I thought it was super awesome how we are now building temples in 3 countries that have never had temples before! It really shows how the gospel really is spreading to all nations!

My favorite talk this conference was the one by President Oaks when he talked about how the small decisions we make every day in life will determine who we become and prepare us for lifes big decisions. It was awesome when he said that the biggest changes we make in life come from the countless small decisions we make. I thought it was awesome because the way we prepare for the future and the way we show Christ we are willing to follow him is doing what he would in all of our seemingly insignificant decisions we make now!

This week we also got to visit J again and he is currently praying about getting baptized. He says he believes what we have been saying so I’m confident he will get the answer he needs and start taking the steps he needs to prepare to be baptized. He is a pretty awesome guy!

Love you all, I hope y’all have an awesome week!

Finally got my hair cut!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Wedding, Transfers, English Class

Hey y’all,
So this week was a little bit of an interesting one.

First of all we have had a good time with the new Elder, Elder Roy in the apartment. He is a pretty funny dude, and is very enthusiastic. There was a member at Church this week that described all of us in one line. Roy: talks a lot, Groll: eats a lot, Magee: pretty quiet, and me: needs a haircut (which is true). So yeah there you go, that is what is going on in the apartment.

Another story from this week is that we were invited to a wedding for a man named V and a member named K. V has visited Lafayette ward a few times, but he is from Texas, he is a really cool guy. But anyways back to the story, we (Elder Magee and I) show up to the wedding a little early to see if they need help setting up. When we show up V walks out and says, "hey what’s up best man,” and so I laughed it off but then he hands me the ring he bought for the wedding and...... well I became the best man and had to stand in front of everyone and sign the marriage license! It was pretty interesting haha. 

Lastly this week we have been advertising starting a English class for Spanish people that want to learn.  We have already gotten a lot of feed back from people saying they would be interested in attending, so that is awesome! We hope this gives us more opportunities to meet and mingle with Spanish people and it may bring more teaching opportunities!

And that is all for the week, love all of y’all, talk to you next week!
Elder Gessel

Goodbye Sister Gamble

Elder Smith

This is the goal for starter housing packages in Lousisiana