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Monday, September 18, 2017

Heat, Humidity, with a touch of crazy

What is up y’all? 

Haha so you can probably tell from the title the heat is back.  We were blessed for a week with nice, cool, dry weather, but now it is back to the good old heat and humidity of Louisiana. 

So besides the usual crazy we meet in the form of drunk people, this week we had a pretty interesting experience while we were trying to contact media referrals. We were walking up to a house for one of the Bible referrals we had, and we saw a guy out side of the house that we thought might be the one who needed the Bible.  We walk up to give it to him and he yells  from across the yard, "Don’t come here y’all! I got the devil in me right now!" So we said have a nice day and boogied our way out of there. Haha I think that the heat got to him a little bit, just like it does to us. I think I prefer just running into drunk people...

We had a super good experience with our investigator R this week. We were able to see him twice this week and he is doing awesome. He has kept the commitment he made to read the Book of Mormon, and has read all the parts we gave him to read both times we went over. We have taught him the plan of salvation and he liked the idea of being able to live with his family forever. We told him that one thing he has to do to get that is to be baptized; and so he is praying about a date that he feels good about to set as his baptismal date! Pray for roger that he can receive his answer. And something else we were super excited about was the fact that the end of the lesson he said the closing prayer without us asking him to. That was a great experience.

I hope y’all have an awesome week!
Elder Porter

Monday, September 11, 2017

Safe from the storm

Hey y’all what is up?

So yeah, everything here in Louisiana is going well.  My area has been safe from both of the hurricanes so far; we have for sure been blessed for that. Remember to pray for Florida and Texas, they both have/are having some pretty rough times. 

This week has been a fairly normal one, we still have to tract like very day and things are going well with our investigators, we have 4 investigators that seem pretty promising so we hope that they will continue progressing. 

We had a funny moment the other day when we were knocking on doors, we ran into a lady that we had met before while we were printing off pictures at Walgreens. We had had some good conversations while we were sitting there and so when she saw us she was like come on in. We had a good lesson on the restoration with her, her daughter, and her cousin. Haha it would have been a really good one.  They kept getting distracted by different things we talked about and some interesting questions they had about things, like the gift of tongues and stuff, but by the end I felt like it had gone really well.  They invited us to come back and teach them this Tuesday so it was pretty cool. One of the highlights was that the daughter, who is 11, specifically asked us for a restoration pamphlet at the end so we are going to bring her her own copy next time. I love it when kids have that interest, I guess that is why we need to be like unto a child so that we will be receptive and willing to act on what the spirit testifies to us. So moral of the story be receptive to the spirit and remember that you never know what kind of effect your actions will have on people you think you will never see again. I honestly think that if we hadn’t made that first good impression on R she wouldn’t have let us in.

Also today, the reason that I’m emailing a little late and that I don’t have as much time, we went on a tour a little helicopter airport that a member works at. It was super cool and we were able to mess around in one of them and play with the controls, unfortunately we aren’t allowed to fly as missionaries and I don’t have 18000 dollars to pay to get taken up in these plans. but it was super cool.

Tengan una buena semana amigos!

Dos siempre tiene una razon

Que pasa amigos?

I hope everyone is having a great time back in school doing the classic school things like sitting at a desk all day trying not to bang your head too hard against it when you don’t understand something, haha just kidding, I know that all of y’all are too smart to have that happen to you (: 

Anyways this week has been a good one, we had some really good lessons and we met some great people, one of the highlights is the fact that the sister missionaries had a baptism this last Friday! They were able to baptize a young lady named Kris that they have been teaching for quite a while now so that was awesome!

We had a great lesson with one of our investigators named J this week and she says that she will for sure read the Book of Mormon and that she will come to church next week so we will pray that she follows through with those commitments. 

Another thing that I thought was awesome this week is that I went on exchanges with our district leader Elder Teare. He is a great guy from California and it was fun to work with him for the day. And during the day when we were knocking some doors we ran into a kid named C and something he said was great when we invited him to pray about the message and eventually read the Book of Mormon when he gets it and he said "why not, I have nothing to lose, if it isn’t true I can go back to my normal life, but if it is true then why wouldn’t I want to have it in my life." and I was all like, hallelujah someone that actually understands  that we aren’t there to destroy their faith; we are there to augment it and they literally have nothing to lose from listening to us. It was nice. 

Final thing from this week that I loved was another one of those moments that was initially a bad experience but ended up teaching a good lesson. We ran into a guy while tracting (lots of stories begin with that phrase) and we met this Spanish guy from Mexico and he let us in to talk with him, we were super excited we had found another Spanish guy. So we teach him the restoration and ask him if it okay to come by some other time to bring the Book of Mormon and he said no.  He told us that he was very, very catholic and he wasn’t interested in changing and he wouldn’t accept a BOM because it would just sit there unread and if it really was as important as we said it was it should be given to someone who will read it and enjoy it. We left a little bit sad cuz it is always sad when someone isn’t receptive to the message, but it did reteach me a lesson that he hit on, that if the Book of Mormon is true and it is as important as we say it is we should always be excited to study it, I know when I was back home I didn’t study it as much, as I should have and so this experience really told me that we should always make time for something that is as amazing and central to our church and life itself, no matter what happens in our day. 

I love you all and I hope that you have a great week!