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Monday, May 21, 2018

K, storms, crazy convos

Hey everyone how is it going? I hope y’all are having a awesome time getting ready for summer!
Haha the weather down here is getting back into its good old crazy Louisiana storms. We have had a few huge lightning storms this week which was super fun to watch! I have never seen so much lightning in my life. Haha the scary thing was the first one that came through, Elder Johnson and I were a good 7 or so miles away from home; so we hightailed it back before the storm came over us. Got to love that Louisiana weather. 

This week has been pretty good, we were able to find a Spanish family this week that we are pretty excited to keep teaching. We knocked on their door and they let us in almost immediately. When they sat us down the mother, K, immediately told us she wants us to come over as often as we can to teach her and her kids, since they have not had much experience with church or the gospel for a long time She knows they need to have more spiritual nourishment in their lives. That was great, but then she went on to tell us that all churches were true, so it didn’t matter which one you went to, since they all have the word of God, which is a pretty classic thing we hear all the time down here, especially from Spanish people for some reason. Anyways, after that comment we decided to jump right into the restorations lesson describing how Christ established his one true church in his time, and how it was changed and split into many churches that all contained truth, but they also all contained errors due to human opinions and faults. Right after we told her about that she was all like, oh wow that makes sense, so we shouldn’t go to any church since they all are missing something! Then we told her about the restoration of the true church and how it brings organization and truth back to the earth since God is not a God of confusion. Haha right after that she was super excited about that, and how the true church of Christ had been restored, and she again told us to come over whenever we could and that she would try to make it to our church. The only issue with her is she works every Sunday, but she still wants her kids to be able to go to Church - so we will see what happens. 

Being down in New Orleans again has made me remember a lot of things from my first time being down here as a greenie missionary. Haha I totally forgot about all the crazy conversations you have with people down here, haha especially on the weekends. It has been a little bit interesting to have people stop us for a bit while knocking doors, or walking around, and start telling us crazy stories about the world or their lives. The other day we had a Hispanic guy that kept talking to us about how President Trump’s wife is an illegal immigrant, as well as a whole bunch of other stuff that made us laugh a bit. These types of experiences for sure make things memorable haha!

I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Last call home!

Hey y'all, I hope you had an awesome Mother’s Day!

I can't believe that I just had my final call home to my family before I come home from my mission! I never thought this day would come, and it is a little bit trippy! It is amazing how fast a mission can go by! It was great to see my family again and finally meet my brothers fiance!

Things this week were pretty good, we were able to find a few new Spanish investigators so that was great! we had set the goal to find 10 each companionship of the district but I didn’t realize how hard it is to find Spanish people in New Orleans because they are more spread out among all the English speaking people; so you can go knocking on doors for a while and find some people for English to teach, but none for you. It is really like a hunt for the Spanish down here, but we were lucky enough to find 4 new Spanish people to teach and so hopefully things go well with that.

I did get the chance to help out on a lesson with one of the English companionships down here in NOLA. They have a guy named M  that they are teaching, who is actually in a seminary to become a minister.  He is a super sharp guy and knows his Bible very well, and even knows a lot of history that is outside of the Bible. And so M  had a bunch of questions about doctrines and stuff and was wondering about how they tie into the teaching of the Bible.  Apparently I am now classified as someone who "knows the Bible" in our mission and so my companion pretty much volunteered me to go and sit in on a lesson with this guy. It was super awesome! This guy really just wants to know about what we believe, and he loved the scriptures we were able to share with him about the afterlife, Book of Mormon, and pretty much everything else. He had a ton of questions that I think we were able to answer really well. I for sure felt the spirit during that lesson and I’m sure he did too. He even told us that he was for sure going to start reading the Book of Mormon now, and start praying about it to know if it is true. He is a great guy! What I thought was super awesome from the whole experience is that he taught us some new knowledge too; so we were all able to grow and be edified together.

A small fun story that happened this week is that after we had a lesson with one of our investigators S we were walking down the street and ran into the same bunch of kids that we talked to last week. They were super funny and asked us to help carry some wood and stuff with them so they could build a fort. We helped them out, and while we were walking one of them suddenly said, "I just saw something inappropriate." We were a bit confused and asked what he saw, and he pointed to some cigar bags on the sidewalk. Haha! We got to agree with him that cigars are not good and that we shouldn’t do any drugs, pretty much we did a low key word of wisdom lesson and at the end all the kids were like "I’m never going to do drugs!" and one little 8 year old was like, "I can never smoke cuz if I do how will I ever make it to the NFL!" Haha it was super fun to see how they all wanted to break the norms of the area and stay clean from all that stuff.

Oh and one more awesome thing that happened this week is I was able to visit with one of my old investigators in Metairie for a little bit on Saturday night. his name is M and he is one of the investigators we were working with a lot when I was in my first area. After a ward party I decided to stop by his house since we were already in Metairie. We did, and we got to see him and catch up for a while. It was so great! And come to find out no missionaries had visited him since I left, so we were able to ask if the missionaries could come over and he said he wanted them too, but he just had to ask his dad.  Missionaries will most likely be teaching him again so that is another reason to celebrate!!

I hope y’all have an awesome week and finish up the school year strong!

Monday, May 7, 2018


Hey everyone,

This week so far has been a little bit slow, there is not much work here from previous missionaries, so we are in that building phase where we are going to be trying to find new people to teach so we can build up the teaching pool.

The new house I’m in is super nice and big compared to all the other places I’ve been so far, haha!  We do have some crazy neighbors next door that argue all the time about the son stealing his moms phone, and all her food, ect. Haha! It is a bit entertaining.

It was super awesome to be able to go to the Spanish ward this week! I have missed the opportunity to have church in Spanish and not have to translate from English to Spanish....... but I had to translate from Spanish to English this time around; so translation still happens. haha the problem was that halfway through we realized the equipment is broken, and no one was able to hear my translating, haha!  I guess we got to order some new equipment haha. I was super surprised too when I went to the ward again that a lot of people remembered me! It has been about 15 months or so since I was down here, so I thought that people would have forgotten a poor greenie that didn’t know Spanish.  It was nice to come back and actually be able to understand everyone, and have real talks with a lot of them. It also freaked me out how all the youth in the ward have gotten a lot taller and older. There was a kid that used to be a foot shorter than me, and now he is has tall as I am, so it is crazy! And two kids that were in high school are now graduating and getting ready to go on missions!!! It was nuts.

Anyways that is it for this week. I hope y’all have an awesome end of the school year!
People we met while tracting