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Monday, June 19, 2017

Adios A.....

We had a pretty solid week this week.  We met some new cool people but; we also had to say goodbye to some really awesome people as well. 

This week we sadly had to say goodbye to our investigator A, he had to go back to Mexico this week, since his green card expired.  He says he is going to try to get another one and come back in December, but sadly I probably will not be around to see if he does. he is a super good guy and I hope that he continues to progress down in Mexico. I also had my final interview with my mission president before he goes home and we get a new president. It was sad to say goodbye to him and his wife but they have served for 3 years now and I’m sure they are excited to get back to their families. and I’m super excited to meet the new president in 2 weeks. 

We also got to meet a new family this week. Ran into them while we were tracting in Amelia this week. We met the daughter G and she was super nice and was willing to listen to our message. While we were teaching, her mom pulled up, which usually is a super awkward,  but it was totally fine.  Her mom stayed out and talked with us too! They are super great and the lesson went pretty well. 

That was the gist of the week, we also had a good time going up to Baton Rouge for stake conference, it was interesting being in a fairly busy city again.

I hope y’all have a week! 

Saying goodbye to A...

With President and Sister Hansen - as they are leaving.

Monday, June 12, 2017

10 Months

Hey everyone what is going on?

Well I officially hit my 10 month mark this last week, its nuts how fast time  goes by. Next transfer I will hit my year mark!

This week we have had a lot of good service opportunities. The first one that we had was bagging sand for the flooding that is happening a little bit in Stevensville because of all the rain we have been getting. It was a super good time. We were there with a bunch of Cajuns and we got some super interesting stories and advice told to us, ha ha most of it I probably shouldn’t share over email; but that is what happens in the south I guess. But anyways it was super entertaining and fun. Oh and I don’t know if I told y’all this, but our mission has gotten permission to become members of the Red Cross so that we can get more service opportunities. It was thanks to the Red Cross that we were able to do this service.

The second service we had also had to do with flooding..... in our apartment complex. Ha ha so what happened is we woke up this last Saturday to a super annoying beeping that was coming from our living room. We walk out of the bed room and step into our hallway and step right into a puddle of water. Turns out that our living room rug was completely soaked with water and there was a deep puddle of water next to our door and right next to the kitchen counter. We look outside and see that there is water seeping from our neighbor’s apartment into the street and that our neighbor is gone to his work. We call our apartment manager and he tells us he will be there in a bit. Then we start pulling out all of our stuff that is wet, and setting it out to dry and start mopping up the water. But even after we got it all up, water kept seeping under the wall into our apartment. When the manager got there, he unlocked the neighbors apt and we find that there is an inch of standing water in his whole apt. So we clean that up and turn off the water heater that had been giving off all the water. When our neighbor showed up we all had to rip up a lot of his carpet since it was completely soaked. It was kind of a crappy situation for him and us, but we got the opportunity to finally meet him and our apt manager; and to do some service so that was fun. 

I hope y’all are having an awesome summer!