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Monday, December 11, 2017


Hey everyone how’s life?

Things are going good down here and we had a pretty eventful week in some ways that usually don’t happen. The first of these is the snow we got on Friday of this week. Yep the impossible happened, Louisana had more snow one day than some parts of Utah! It won’t ever happen again probably, it was the first time Houma had received snow in about 10 years! It was a blast, we made snowmen and had a few snowball fights with a member family and heard a few comments about how hell had finally frozen over, it was great! 

Also this week we had a fun call on Wednesday from Elder Bagley in La Place, he called us telling us we needed to go and see one of his investigators that had just moved to Houma so he could hear the final lesson he needed before getting baptized on Friday! So we call the guy (his name is T) and set something up for that night.... and then he didn’t show up.  Apparently he fell asleep after we set up the appointment and completely missed it.  The next day we call him and ended up having to do the lesson over the phone with him because he lived about 30 miles away.... a little too far to bike when it is raining cats and dogs, but it was a good lesson and apparently the baptism (he got baptized in La Place) went smoothly so that is great.

 Then the last crazy thing that happened this week is that the big Spanish family we met last week finally were not sick anymore.  We went over and started to teach them a lesson; come to find out the mom is a less active Mormon and their grandma that is in Puerto Rico is a super active Mormon.  The mom said she had been inactive for so long she had forgotten most of the church doctrine, but that she loved how the church worked still.  Her daughters that aren’t Mormon were telling us how out of all the religions they studied about, while in a religion course in college, the LDS church was the one they were the most impressed with.  In the end most of them were very willing for us to come back and refresh the mom’s memory of the church and to take the missionary lessons. It was great!

Love y’all I hope you have an awesome week! 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Funeral, blessings in finding and church

Hey everyone,

This week was a pretty great one, we had some things that went really good for us. But there was one sad thing that happened. This week Mrs. Gerrie passed away. If you don’t remember who Mrs. Gerrie was, she was the old lady in Morgan City that loved the missionaries and would always have us over to eat and would make us laugh all the time by telling us slightly racist jokes and give odd advice about life. I did get to go to the funeral because our area is right next to the Morgan City area.  It was good to go and say goodbye and see all of her family members we had met before. It was actually a very happy thing because she had lost her husband a year and a half ago, and she was pretty feeble and now she is able to be with him again. It was also great to be at the funeral because one of her daughters named C had received a few letters from returned missionaries who had known Mrs. Gerrie; she read some of them to everyone during her talk and they almost all mentioned our beliefs about the after-life and plan of salvation. It was awesome because none of that family are members, but they were able to find comfort in that teaching we have.

Then the awesome things that happened this week are blessings from us working hard for the past few weeks. God decided to let us run into a few awesome people.  He lead us to a door of a random Hispanic family that was living in a neighborhood of almost all black and white people; they were super nice and asked us to come back. God helped delay us after we started heading home for just long enough that we had a lady named K pull up to us and have us pray for her and also inviting us to come and teach her at her home, because she has been having a feeling for a while now that she needs to change her life, and become more spiritually nourished, and come unto Christ. Then, as a cherry on top of the whole thing at church yesterday one of the less actives that we had been assigned to teach, but who lived over an hour and a half way in a car, came to church and brought three nonmember friends with her that want to receive the missionary lessons (and all of them are Hispanics from Peru so it is great!). So this week was the week where God showed us he does realize how tough it is sometimes, and that he does hear our prayers, and will bless us because of our service.

Love you all, I hope you have an awesome Christmas season!
Elder Porter

Monday, November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving, diseased arm/fun exchanges

Hey y’all how is life? I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is always fun on a mission because you get to go to some parties, eat a ton of food (and take some leftovers home) and meet a lot of new people. This Thanksgiving we went to a non-members house (who is friends with the Thibodaux Elders) for lunch. we had a good time meeting some people not of our faith and having a good time at the family party. one thing that was funny that happened is that there was a little cute girl that just walked up to us missionaries and started talking to us, she was probably about 4 years old, and the weird thing was that her name was Jolynne, the same name as my mom. Haha it threw me for a loop for like 5 seconds but after that everything was good, and she played a card game with us. then that night all of us missionaries met up and made a great thanksgiving potluck dinner which was also fun.

Then the story behind the diseased arm/fun exchanges part of the title happened when two of the English Elders had to go to Mandaville for a baptism of a guy that Elder Winger taught.  So Elder Clifford, Teare, and I were all together for the day. We went through the day and nothing special was happening.  We talked to a few people and had a few lessons but most of the things we had planned were falling through. Then we decided to try to see one of Elder Teare's investigators. On the way there we got a text from the other Elders that they were back but that they were going to bike to the hospital because of Elder Wrights arm (which had been turning red and swelling for the previous two days).  We got to keep going with the exchange. We biked to the house we were planning on going to and talked to Jeremy’s (the investigator) daughter and taught her and her friend the restoration.  The friend was super interested in the message and said the English Elders could for sure come by and teach her. By that time, it was night and we had quite a few miles to bike to get home.  We got a call from the other Elders saying we would need to bike back, grab the car, and drive to them because Elder Wright was told not to bike because they had lanced his arm. Then Jeremy pulled up in his truck and offered to drive us home. So it all ended up good. It was just a fun day where we saw multiple times God coming in clutch to not only give us a teaching opportunity after things had fallen through, but also a way to get to the other Elders quickly and safely. God really does provide a way for us to do his work, as long as we are trying our hardest and not giving up. 

There you have, thanksgiving week was a good one. I hope y’all have a good time in freezing Utah temps and skiing, hit the slopes hard for me!