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Monday, October 16, 2017

Bible Study, Service

Hey y’all, how’s life?

Things are going super good down here, it is still hot as usual but we do have nice weather today... the type of weather Utah gets in August ha ha.

So this week I set a personal goal to study the scriptures a lot more instead of just reading my chapters and it has been a blast! When you are reading to learn, not just to see the story, it is super enlightening, ha ha.  Right now I’m in the book of revelations in the New Testament and I can testify that all the footnotes we have in the scriptures help a ton in understanding what is going on in those prophecies. And all the study of the scriptures, as well as scriptures Elder Hernandez and I are trying to memorize actually came in handy this week when we tracted into a man who said he has been studying the bible for over 35 years. His name is D and he is a super nice African American man that is one of those guys that go into the prisons to teach inmates about the Bible and Christ. It was fun to talk to him and hear all the stuff he learned from his studies. And with his knowledge of the Bible, we were able to quote the scriptures to him that talk about modern day prophets and continuing revelation - because that was the first issue he brought up.  I love how with his faith in the Bible, he changed from challenging us on that point of doctrine to actually being super excited about reading the Book of Mormon, which we will be bringing to him this week. I love it how new knowledge can increase other people’s faith and help them grow off the base that they have already formed in their own lives.

This week we also did a lot of service such as moving an investigator family of the English elders on three different days since the truck wasn’t big enough to do it all in one; and also to paint a house of one of the members here. Ha ha, so if anyone ever needs a paint job or someone to help them move call me because that is some of the skills us missionaries get many opportunities to develop out on missions (:

Just a quick update on T and N they are going through a little bit of a rough time right now and because of it we haven’t been able to see them this week. N got in a car wreck (which wasn’t too bad but did leave her hurting for the whole week) and T has been working what seems to be 24/7 so he hasn’t been able to help her out with the kids while she recovers. So keep them in your prayers please.

And that is all for this week, I hope you all have a great time getting ready for the winter months!!
Service project!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Blessings of Faith

Hey y’all how’s life?

Everything down here is going pretty good, we had the hurricane scare this weekend, but nothing actually really happened with it, the storm turned at just the right time that we only had about an hour of rain.  The weird thing is I’m slightly disappointed we didn’t get hit with a little bit more of the storm.

So this week we had a little bit of a surprise but in a good way. We were out teaching yesterday one of our other investigators named T. We always teach him on the porch because apparently his kids get really rowdy inside.  We have only ever taught him, but this time his wife decided to peak her head out the door for most of the lesson (apart from the times when she had to go make sure the kids weren’t killing each other). Then at the end of the lesson we asked if they had any questions and she asked us about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  We did a restoration review with her and T since she didn’t get to listen in on the first time we did it. After explaining everything we decided that we should invite them to be baptized and T was all for it which was awesome! But N (his wife) was like, "But I’ve already been baptized." We reexplained the fact that baptism needs to be done by someone who has authority and she understood and also committed to being baptized.  We set the date for 3 Saturdays from now.  I’ll keep y’all updated on how that goes, but me and my companion are super excited!

So that is it for this week, I hope y’all have a blessed week!
Mama Matre

Avoiding the storm (Hurricane Nate went by Louisiana)

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Hey y’all how’s life?

Conference was awesome, conference week end is like an extended Christmas for missionaries. It was super sad that Elder Hales passed away on Sunday, he will definitely be missed. 

We had another good experience with R this week. We went over to his house to talk with him and we went over all the commitments we’ve left like reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it, and the baptismal one as well.  We found out that he is already almost done with the book of Alma in the Book of Mormon, and he has had good feelings while reading. This is the fastest any of my past investigators have gone through the Book of Mormon. I’m super excited for this next six weeks with him.  Oh yeah and we did have transfers this week and both Elder Hernandez and I are staying here in Houma for another one.

Have an awesome week!