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Monday, August 14, 2017

One week to Transfers

Que pasa amigos?

There is one more week to transfers down here and there is a lot of new Spanish greenies that are coming in so it is pretty possible that this is my last week in Morgan City.  I’ll let y’all know what happens next Tuesday. 

This week we had some really good experiences. One is that we met a really cool lady named D who seems like she is pretty interested in the church. We met her by contacting a Bible and Book of Mormon referral. After giving her the books we explained a bit about the Book of Mormon since she had never heard about it before. And after that we asked if we could come back and teach more, and if she would like to come to church, and she said yes. So we lined up a ride and she actually came to church this last Sunday.  While at church she heard a little bit about baptisms for the dead and things like that and so she was a little confused; so for part of church we pulled her aside and taught her the plan of salvation to answer her questions. It was super awesome to see because she went from being a little bit confused and non-accepting but by the end after we had gone through her questions and talked about eternal families she really opened up and was very interested and accepting of the message, she even said she would like to come to church again.

Another good experience that we had this week was a bit funny, we went out to do some service for a part member/less active family since they both have some health problems, and halfway through we find out that one of the members that was helping us had just popped a super strong pain pill cuz he is injured.  So the whole rest of the day he was spouting off hilarious things and was just going nuts. Haha one of my favorite lines is when he started talking about High School rugby, he told us that the position he played was Hooker, and so he was the team "hooker". It was a super good time.

I hope y’all had a great week this last one and I hope y’all have fun this one too!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Year Mark!

What is up y’all?

In two days I hit my official year mark out here in the mission! It is crazy how fast everything goes by. I’ll be seeing y’all in one! 

This week has been another pretty dang good one, we had a little less success this week with being able to teach, but we still had some good times. We were able to talk to A again this week and he is doing pretty good, he has slowly been reading the Book of Mormon and he just finished the testimonies of the tree witnesses and Joseph Smith’s testimony as well. He isn’t a big reader, and he hasn’t had much time because he has been holding down the fort at home while his wife is away; and also he has a crazy work schedule so he hasn’t read more than that. So pray for A that he can get the time he needs to progress further in the gospel! 

We also had a good lesson with C this week and he committed to come to church this next week, so that was good. And he also is starting to feel a little bit better despite his cancer treatments so that is means he has more energy and he stays awake a lot better now when we talk to him.  Hopefully he will get enough energy to drive himself to church sometime so he doesn’t have to rely on his sister for rides. 

This week I had a surprisingly good experience from something that usually drives me nuts. We were biking down a road to go talk to an investigator when all of a sudden a Spanish guy yells hi to us from his porch. And we had knocked on that door before and the man said we could go back, so we quickly turn around to go and talk to him only to realize it is not the same man. This guy decides that now that he has us he starts asking us questions and anti-ing us a little bit. He starts telling us a bunch of false stuff and then decides to ask us some questions we answer all the time-- such as "Why are  there so many churches if there is only one God" and other things like that..... but then he never lets us answer even though we do have the answers.  Eventually I asked him if he even wants to know what the answers are to those questions, and he said no. So yeah, I was a little bit mad going away from that experience until something dawned on me... every single question he asked us, from the most complicated to the most simple, had a answer that we knew because of this restored gospel.  While it is disappointing that this man didn’t accept it, it was a good testimony builder seeing that we have the answers to the questions that almost everyone, Christain or not, has. So yeah that is my little testimony building experience from this week.

I hope y’all have an awesome week, enjoy getting ready for school again!