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Monday, August 28, 2017

Blessings on Blessings

Hey y’all what is up?  I hear it is that time of year for everyone to go back to school; that is crazy that the summer is already over.  I hope you all have a good time in your classes! Things have been going really well over here in Houma.  I’m really loving it here with the quadship I’m in, and my new companion. We have been super blessed since coming here.  We were able to get 9 new investigators in the few days that we were here; which is a lot more than I was able to get in a full week in Morgan City. So we are being blessed for being here

Also I was super excited this Sunday to see how big the ward was and how supportive they are of the missionaries.  They have a great program going on here where each quorum is assigned to a different set of missionaries; and so the missionaries and those quorums work together on everything. It is super nice to have that kind of support from a ward. Haha but even though this ward is so put together, it still has some things that go wrong that they can’t control.  Like the fact that the gospel principles teacher didn’t show up, and didn’t get a sub. So me and my companion had to teach the class with about 2 minutes preparation.  That seems to happen in most wards though. It was pretty rough at first, but then it got better.  Haha flying by the seat of my pants is something I’m becoming pretty decent at. 

But yeah, I’m loving it down here so far and thus far it seems like Houma will be a little bit easier to open up again than Morgan City was.

Anyways sorry for the short email, I’ll give y’all more details on the investigators we have next week after we make sure they are as solid as they seem. 

Love y’all, have a great time at school!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Transfers, Poison Ivy, Zone Conference

Hey y’all what is up?

I’m no longer going to be in Morgan City, we had transfer calls last night and I will be in Houma and my new comp is going to be Elder Hernandez; whose family is from Mexico.  He speaks perfect Spanish, so hopefully mine will improve while I am with him. I’ll send y’all the new address I’m going to be at when I find out. 

So this week we didn’t have a lot of success with meeting with people, a lot of them were not available, so that was a bummer. But we did have a lesson with J and R so it was nice to see them before getting transferred. It was an ok lesson, but they are confused on why they would need to be baptized again, even after us explaining it to them.  We planned on going back this next week to clarify things with them, I’ll find out what happens with that from Elder Gee and his new trainee. 

Also this week I found out that I have become a true Louisiana missionary, I now have contracted poison ivy and also fire ant bites; something that almost all Louisiana missionaries get. Haha! We are planning on playing a prank on some of the greenies saying that I’ve contracted a rare disease right after I shake their hands or give them a hug and then I’ll show them the rashes so we will see what happens.  I think it is going to be hilarious.
Also we had a visit from Elder Klebingat, in which he gave us some amazing information about the purpose of the houses of Israel in missionary work, and how we were all chosen specifically to be born when we did, and be where we are now. It was a great visit and I think it motivated us all to be more exactly obedient and to work a lot harder. It over all was very enlightening. 

I hope you all have an awesome week!!!

Monday, August 14, 2017

One week to Transfers

Que pasa amigos?

There is one more week to transfers down here and there is a lot of new Spanish greenies that are coming in so it is pretty possible that this is my last week in Morgan City.  I’ll let y’all know what happens next Tuesday. 

This week we had some really good experiences. One is that we met a really cool lady named D who seems like she is pretty interested in the church. We met her by contacting a Bible and Book of Mormon referral. After giving her the books we explained a bit about the Book of Mormon since she had never heard about it before. And after that we asked if we could come back and teach more, and if she would like to come to church, and she said yes. So we lined up a ride and she actually came to church this last Sunday.  While at church she heard a little bit about baptisms for the dead and things like that and so she was a little confused; so for part of church we pulled her aside and taught her the plan of salvation to answer her questions. It was super awesome to see because she went from being a little bit confused and non-accepting but by the end after we had gone through her questions and talked about eternal families she really opened up and was very interested and accepting of the message, she even said she would like to come to church again.

Another good experience that we had this week was a bit funny, we went out to do some service for a part member/less active family since they both have some health problems, and halfway through we find out that one of the members that was helping us had just popped a super strong pain pill cuz he is injured.  So the whole rest of the day he was spouting off hilarious things and was just going nuts. Haha one of my favorite lines is when he started talking about High School rugby, he told us that the position he played was Hooker, and so he was the team "hooker". It was a super good time.

I hope y’all had a great week this last one and I hope y’all have fun this one too!