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Monday, April 24, 2017

Otra semana de contactando

Hey everyone,

So this week not to much happened, we did a lot of tracting again but didn’t have as much success this time around. But we did have a good lesson with the family of guys we met last week.

This is a family of three Honduran men who have come up to the states to make some money for their families back in Honduras, something about these people that always impresses me is how important their families are to them. They love them so much and are willing to give up so much for them. It is so crazy. Some of them come up to the states to work to provide for their families and they pretty much plan on staying up here for as long as they can (some for over 10 years) and sacrificing their time and happiness so that their family can be well provided for back in Honduras.  In the lesson with these guys we went through the restoration and it seemed like they really liked it. They completely understood how a restoration of the truths of the Gospel was necessary, and how it is important to have the true authority from God to direct his church, and how having a living prophet in this time is so important. I’m super excited to see how they progress and I hope that they will come to church with us this next week. I also can’t wait to teach them the plan of salvation to show them how this gospel really can bless their families.

Sorry for not having a funny story this week, I’ll try to get one for next week.

Love y’all!
Cool carving outside of a Catholic church

Biking pics with Elder Israelson

Found a Utah sign

Painting of Moses parting the Red Sea

Monday, April 17, 2017

Mi guerra con el bano

Hey everyone, what is going on?

I hope you all had an awesome Easter, it has been a pretty interesting week restarting this area. We didn’t have any previous investigators to see, since this area has been closed down for a couple months; that means we had to do a lot of tracting. But we had a pretty good week of tracting and we were able to find 6 new investigators in the last part of the week.  So it was a pretty successful time.

I’ve got to explain the title of this email. Last night we got home from our Easter dinner with the branch mission leader and everything was normal.  We did call ins with the zone leaders.  The elders I live with and I were all talking about crazy stories we had and we were relaxing for a bit. Then one of the elders goes to the bathroom which isn’t too crazy of a thing to happen since we are all human. But then 10:30 rolls around and it’s time to go to bed, so I go into the bathroom to pee right before bed which is also pretty normal. But when I flushed the toilet disaster struck! The pipes in the toilet were clogged and backed up, even though it didn’t look clogged, and so the toilet all of a sudden filled all the way up and started to flood the bathroom. At this point I am jumping away from the toilet and picking up the bathroom rug as I run into the hallway screaming that the toilet is clogged and overflowing. Two of the other elders run into the hallway and then see me frantically beating the water back and saving rugs as I go, then instead of helping they both burst out laughing and run into the other room to roll on the ground laughing. Finally when I yell that it is almost reaching into the living room they come out and help stop it and clean it up..... so yeah, how’s that for a mission story?  Don’t worry, now that bathroom is the cleanest it has ever been or probably will ever be again!

Love y’all and hope you have an awesome week and remember always flush twice to be safe or else you are going to make a mess.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ya me voy de La Place

Hey y’all how’s it going?

I found out today that I’m getting switched to another area already! I’ve only been here in a Place for just over a month and I’m already leaving. But I think that the area that I’m going to has a little bit more Spanish than this one does so I’m excited for that. 

This week I had my first crawfish boil, which is a classic Louisiana thing to eat. Just to let you know that even if in Utah crawfish are just weird crap bugs, they are really good eating down here in Louisiana, it was kinda weird having a weird bug looking thing staring at me while I broke it open to eat the meat; but I got past that pretty quickly.

A good experience from this week that we had was from tracting for a bit. We tried to go tracting in an area that the maps online told us had some Hispanics in it after we had dinner with a less active in that area. So we drive over to the streets that were supposedly Hispanic only to find out that it is a giant factory with 0 houses. For some reason factories always show up as Hispanic on those charts. We decided to go and try to hit a few houses that we saw on the way to that area. We headed that way and on the first house we knocked we met a guy named Miguel, who looked Hispanic so we start talking to him only to find out that he doesn’t know a lick of Spanish cuz he grew up in New York, so we kept teaching him, but just in English and it turned out that he was super interested in our message and invited us to come back. It was a good example to me of how God blesses us even when what we plan doesn’t turn out, and at times when things don’t work it is because he wants us to be doing something else that will bless our lives, or someone else’s more than what we had planned would have.

Love y’all and I hope you have an awesome Easter!
Helping at the horse farm.

Crawfish boil