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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hello new presdog and goodbye.......half the Spanish missionaries

Hey y’all, what is going on? I hope all of y’all had a awesome 4th of July!

This week has been full of craziness. We are losing literally half of the Spanish missionaries this transfer, it is nuts! After this my transfer and the transfer right before mine are going to be the majority of the missionaries in this mission. We also had the opportunity to meet our brand new mission president and his wife yesterday! They are awesome people and I know they will be a great for this mission.

This week we had a little bit of a struggle with our current investigators, most of them that we tried to get with either canceled or weren’t home when we came over, so that was a little bit of a bummer. But we did get to meet two awesome families this week. It always is an awesome thing when someone actually lets you in to teach them a lesson after a day of tough tracting. When we run into people willing to listen it is a massive relief. One of the lady's name is A. Scared us when we ran into her cuz she looks like a white lady. So when we see her we started talking in English and did the whole door approach just to have her be like, “uhhhhhhh no enteindo ingles.” Then we promptly reassured her that we speak Spanish and we had a really great lesson with her. 

A cool moment this week was when we were visiting N and D when we went down to NOLA for Zone conference (N is the member we had to rebaptize in La Place and her husband is an investigator). We were at their house to say hi and catch up a little bit and it was way fun. But we all got talking and D always has a lot of questions he likes to ask; and so he started asking how people become missionaries for our church. We told him that we have to go through the process of filling out mission papers and having interviews to see if we have followed the commandments enough and are prepared enough to go on the mission. After explaining that to him he said, "so I guess it is a privilege to be able to go on a mission." That was something that I had never really thought about, but it is for sure true. It really is a privilege to be able to go on a mission and serve the lord for two years. That is something that is easy to forget on a mission especially if you are being constantly beaten down by rejection. But I am so glad that I was reminded about how much of a privilege this really is, and how great this work is. I know that even those people that don’t accept the gospel right when you teach them are still being blessed from the little bit you have taught them, and that God sees your efforts to spread his word. 

I love y’all and hope you have an awesome week! 
Elder Billin

Elder Johnston

Elder Allen

Elder Tuttle

We went on an adventure in the woods

My favorite people ever!

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