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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Moving, Cat hair, and rain

Que honda amigos?

It has been another rainy week in Louisana, apparently it has been raining more than it usually does in the summer, which is making it a lot more humid than usual, but it is also keeping it a little cooler than usual; so I guess it is a win lose situation. 

This week we got to help move our branch president out of his old tiny two room 1 bathroom house into a bigger and nicer one. The branch president’s wife and daughter are what you would call "crazy cat ladies" which is sad since the daughter is only 9.... but anyways keep in mind that in that tiny house they had two cats and 4 people. We are moving everything to the new house and as we are moving things (the cats are locked in the bathroom at this time) we are finding clumps of cat hair everywhere, we move the couch we are covered in cat hair, we move the fridge we are covered in cat hair... pretty much we move anything cat hair goes everywhere. But that was fine cuz the new house didn’t have any cat hair in it; so it was fun to go somewhere without the cat hair. In conclusion do not keep animals in tiny houses cuz they destroy them! There are so many crazy houses with tons of cats and animals and they are nasty. 

Anyways this week we had some really good success. We were able to get back in contact with A, one of the people we met one of the first weeks that I was in MO city who we had a super good lesson with. But since then he has always been at work when we show up to his house, it got to the point when I was getting fed up cuz it seemed like he was avoiding us, so we go and try his house and I told my comp that this is the last time I’m trying his house since it has been so long. But I guess God wanted us to teach him still cuz he finally was home this time and we had another great lesson with him. Pray that his work schedule stays a little less crazy so that we can teach him! 

We also had some good times talking to less actives; and we actually met a friend of a less active who has been to church twice before named J. She had a lot of questions when we were teaching her which was a really good sign. 

All in all this week has been pretty dang  good.... minus the cat hair,

I hope all y’all have a great week!

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