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Monday, July 17, 2017

Swamp tours, Aunts of missionaries, new comp

Hey guys, I hope you all have had an awesome July so far in the heat of Louisiana, Utah or where ever else y’all are at.

This week we have had a few fun things happen, first of all I got a new comp named Elder Gee, he is from anchorage Alaska and is a pretty awesome missionary. I’m excited for this next transfer with him.

First thing that happened this week is a story from last p-day, what happened is that for Elder Isrealsen's last transfer in Morgan City we decided to go out and take a swamp tour (see pics). It was super fun! We got to go out on an air boat out into the bayou and see all the crazy things that are out there. We got to see alligators, odd birds, eagle’s nests, snakes, and a whole lot of plants. It was a blast! If you ever make it to LA I’d recommend taking it, even if the Cajun driver is a little bit nuts and starts petting the alligators.

Another fun thing this week is that we ran into a family that has a nephew on a mission to Puerto Rico I think, or it could have been Costa Rica, I’m not sure. But anyways we were able to have a good lesson with them and teach them a little bit about what their nephew is doing on the mission (they are nonmembers themselves) so hopefully that connection to the church helps them to progress in the gospel!

Another great thing from this week is that one of the Spanish members from the branch that fell off the face of the map for 5 weeks came back to church again this last week, which was great. Her name is J and she is one of the few Spanish members of the branch that doesn’t speak a lick of English so she relies on her daughter to communicate with the branch but her daughter (V) doesn’t want to have to translate all day, so we get the opportunity to translate for sacrament meeting which is a great way to practice Spanish! 

Well that is it for the week, I hope y’all have an awesome rest of your summer, have a blessed week!
Goodbye to Elder Israelson

Eagle's nest

Swamp pics

She really does, you know it's true!

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