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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

La semana final de presidente Hansen

Hey y’all,

This week is the last week that I will be having with my mission president President Hansen. He and his wife finish their 3 year mission this Friday! It is so crazy that this day has come, I remember thinking when I first came to the mission that I would have just under a year with my first mission president before I got a new one and now here I am, about 6 weeks from hitting my year mark and my mission president is leaving... crazy.

This week has been pretty crazy even without president leaving. We started out this week with a hurricane warning because a tropical storm was rolling in that could potentially turn into a hurricane. On Monday we got a text saying that we might be on lock down for Tuesday and Wednesday. But don’t worry, it ended up not being that bad for us and the majority of the storm missed, we still got a ton of rain and got pretty dang soaked but no hurricane or flooding. It’s pretty nuts being down here with a lot different weather than that in Utah. In Utah we were worried about tons of snow or the earthquake that should have happened a long time ago or maybe even a drought, down here we worry about too much flooding, tornados, and hurricanes. I’m trading one set of problems for another - haha.

Sadly this week we have some bad news with the girl and her mom that we met last week, named G and Y, we went to teach them and the father was there this time, pretty much he separated us from the rest of them.  We had a talk which was going pretty well until we brought up religion and he pretty much told us not to come back but that he would look into our prophet.  Pray he does go on like we told him and that he does have a good experience so we can teach that awesome family again. 

Even though we lost G and Y we did meet some pretty awesome people. We met two families while tracting in Amelia and I absolutely love it when you ask people if they have ever wondered why there are so many Christian churches in the world and they say they have; and they have actually pondered on it quite a bit. We had both of these families have one member that said that, and we had super good experiences teaching both of them, and they both invited us to come back! I’;l keep you informed and I’ll try to help you keep these people straight, my brother informed me this week that he cannot keep track of my investigators since I forget to remind y’all of who is who so sorry about that.

Well I hope that y’all have an awesome week, enjoy your summer! We are already 1/3 through!

Elder Israelson's birthday

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