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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Transfer 9

What is up y’all? We just got transfer calls here and I will be staying in Morgan city for another transfer and sadly my comp elder Isrealsen is leaving to go somewhere else.  Pray that I get an awesome comp cuz I’m definitely losing an awesome one. 

This week has been a pretty difficult one, we haven’t had a lot of success in the way of investigators. We tried to visit all of them and they all were either not home or did the Spanish way of saying that they don’t want anymore lessons-- which is to peak out a window and see you, and then go hide in their house and refuse to answer the door. It is so sad when that happens, especially when it seems that these people have so much potential.

There was a pretty funny incident that happened recently that involves one of the other Elders living in the same apartment as me. Some of you might know him since he is from Kaysville, his name is Elder Glissmeyer. So what happened is that he was sleeping and then woke up a little bit before the alarm to get hum when he realized he had a problem..... a pretty serious problem..... he couldn’t see! Of course he starts to panic a little bit and does all the tests he can. He waves his and in front of his face to see if he can see it and then he looks towards the door to see if he can see the light that always comes from underneath it. And after not seeing either of these he turns and is about to yell at the rest of us to wake us up, when he realizes the solution to his problem..... he was so groggy that he had forgotten to open his eyes and this is what caused is temporary blindness. Hahaha. Poor guy, he has been working too hard.

Hahahaha so there you go, another one of the weird things that sometimes happens on a mission.

Love y’all 
Our zone

Some awesome missionaries - notice the air hug with the Sister!

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